Womyn 4: She is Of the SOUL~

I wrote about this next woman before leaving for my trip to Argentina… and today it is my honor to share what she symbolizes for me.

January 31, 2011

It’s the day after the most amazing spiritual retreat… waking today feels amazing.. I feel amazing… I feel strong… luminous… ready… really strong… yesterday’s retreat was intense powerful and draining…

How does she do it?

How does she process the pain?
I felt everyone’s pain. I felt each one of their spirits inside me… 11 women entered me… all at once.

I felt so much pain, so much shame – so much fear – the heaviness of generations of hurt… a lifetime of dolor… there were pains that were deep down… I felt an unwillingness to face the truth… and I am not necessarily speaking of women in the circle.. I speak for me… I know there are past pains I haven’t had the tools to face…there are things I haven’t wanted to deal with… issues that I believed I wasn’t equipped to face.

She however is equipped… she has dedicated her life to helping women do that inner work that is so incredibly necessary for our healing.

She is the Founder of the DeAlmas Women’s Collective~

Gloria M. Rodríguez started DeAlmas as a community based organization in 1998.

Literally meaning “of the soul,” DeAlmas is dedicated to providing women the opportunity to reclaim and honor their divine feminine gifts through spiritual and personal transformation.

She facilitates workshops that empower women to use their inner strength as a foundation for social change and global healing.

My Dear Gloria~

You are strong… you are a blessing… you held each one of us… I felt you rubbing my back… wiping my tears… touching me without touching me physically… what I felt yesterday – felt like more than just ONE woman’s story but the cries of every woman in the world. And being able to get that place of allowing ourselves to be vulnerable is such a sense of strength…

Thank you –

Thank you for being the gift of serving… for answering your call to support women… your love and dedication was felt…

For me personally…

Today feels like new years day…

Today I start fresh with new perspective.

I am more open, more ready… better equipped… to face this day and everyday differently…

To face each day with love, in love, as LOVE.

Thank you Gloria, I truly love you…

Thank you for blessing me…

I wish for you all that is good~

All that is love…

All that is you…

With love and in gratitude…

Your sister,

“This work is Revolutionary in an evolutionary way~” Gloria Rodriguez


2 thoughts on “Womyn 4: She is Of the SOUL~

  1. I loved this and Gloria represents all of those things to me too. She is truly a one of a kind human being who holds a very special gift that she shares with anyone who is ready to embark on that spiritual journey of healing and self-love. Thank you Alicia for introducing me to someone who has profoundly changed my life. I love you both ❤


  2. That was absolutely breathtaking. I felt the same way at Visiones and we were in different ones. I thank Patria for bringing Gloria to me. It is a blessing to have been part of the first group that evolved into De Almas. 14 years later, I am blessed to be part of this spiritual movement started by Gloria Rodriguez. It has been an incredibly profound experience. Gloria is truly my godmother.


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