Oprah Campaign – Day two Writers Block and How Writers pull themselves out!

Dear Oprah,

I just finalized and approved the copy for MY FIRST BOOK~ this is a huge moment for me… looking forward to meeting you soon~

Writers BLOCK an intimate conversation with Alicia Anabel~

Part of being a writer is paying close attention all the details… being in tune with the FIVE senses… and not ignoring what’s right in front of you. Here’s a conversation with Alicia on FEAR, inspiration, the writers journey… as she returns from South America to begin editing her memoir.

How WRITERS pull THEMSELVES out of the HOLE?

A very real and honest conversation with Alicia Anabel about insecurities, fears and the grueling work that is CREATING, answering ones call and tending to the work. Looking for distractions to not get to the page… avoiding at all costs having to LOOK in the mirror… the courage it takes to face the words and get them on the page…


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