Mami to a Teen Daughter: I’m Gay ~

I wasn’t sure how I was going to tell her.

I was going through a deep internal battle. Things were happening to me and I was confused. What I felt was beautiful. It also scared me. It felt wrong. I wanted to push what I was feeling out of my body. I wanted to resist and deny it. I really believed that I was going to hell. That day, while I was doing yoga and my eyes were closed, I cried and cried. Then I did what I aways do—prayed for an answer.

I began reading excerpts from the Bible and every passage that I read was about how women would be stoned for this or that. Honor thy man. God made Eve for Adam. Men and women were made to procreate. And anything outside of that was a sin.



3 thoughts on “Mami to a Teen Daughter: I’m Gay ~

  1. This is a beautiful and touching post. I'm so glad Mamiverse published it.And congratulations on your book! If I was in NYC, I wouldn't miss the release. I'll be celebrating with you from New Mexico.Un abrazo.


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