Writing prompt: If I were a song… @nyclwg #amwriting #writingprompts #writing

“Can’t complain ‘bout yesterday

cuz today’s a brand new day
I woke up this morning opened up my eyes and prayed lord
Cuz it’s a beautiful day…”
As I wake today the first thing I read was what would my song be… and there was nothing playing background… I started singing…
“no matter what nobody say…
it’s a beautiful day…
everything is good because I’m living and I’m healthy”
there are so many days… too many… when I believed I would not make it… where I believed I would not be ok… that it would not be ok. Looking at bank balances believing that it somehow was a reflection of me… the definition of me…
“I woke up this morning opened up my eyes and prayed…
lord cuz it’s a beautiful day…
I’m not too concerned ‘bout being poor or being wealthy…”
Those days are gone. I woke up today remembering that…
“even though it’s cloudy I can see the sun rays…”
if I were a musical instrument, a beat, a genre… how would I sound?
I am a rap song… from the 80’s… 90’s… maybe 2012… Meek Mill/Mary J…
strong piano chords…
“somebody who your around wants to clip your wings and shoot you down…
make sure you know who you’re around…”
I’m a smooth lyric
Soft beats
Powerful piano
Endless chords
A song of hope
A song of strength
A song of reflection
A song of self-love
A song of remembrance
Un tambor
Una guira
A song of peace
A song of war
A song of freedom
A song reminding you that I am not weak
A song reminding you where I’m from
I’m an arrow a blaze from my bow
My life song has Mary J singing backgrounds…
Whispering to me…
Reminding me…
I’m a song with no end
Yet a beautiful beginning…
Cuz it’s a beautiful day… no matter what nobody say…
And so it is…

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