Writing Prompt: History of your hair… @nyclwg #writingprompt #writing #bhm

My little brown girl…
You were born black
A black girl
The history of your hair is that each strand has a story
You traveled the Atlantic for two-month voyages…
Traveling many days and nights by treacherous sea
Taught to deny your beauty
Convinced that you were ugly
Little black girl
You were born a queen
Born in Kings County
In a brand new country
Little black girl your history is seen through the languages you speak
The conquerors tongue
An Indians kiss
Yet communing with the drum
The beat in your veins transporting you to another place
Your sacred space
Little black girl
Don’t straighten your hair
With each iron you burn a part of me
You erase your history
Little black girl there is strength in your locks
Little black girl remember who you are
Little black girl you are beautiful
Little black girl rise
Little black girl know
Little black girl remember
Little black girl search
Little black girl question
Little black girl fight
Little black girl stand
My little black girl…
I used to hurt my hair…
I’ve died it…
cut it…
bleached it…
killed it…
destroyed it…
The deconstruction of my hair…
The deconstruction of me
The deconstruction of my story
In this attempt to be accepted into society
A place that never wanted me
But claims to own me
Little black girl
Little black girl
I will never let them destroy me
My hair is my legacy
And so it is~

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