Meditation: July 26 ~ What I know to be true~ on my birthday!

What I know to be true is that it is ok Alicia! I am sad right now. But this too shall pass. It always does. What I am being called to do is slow down. Clearing my path. Alicia you are being called to look at something. Blank screen. Frozen.

I am being called to look at what is right in front of me. What is in the mirror? What have I been doing? Where have my thoughts been? I am being called to release all of this.

Today on my 42nd birthday I am being called to begin again. My birthday wish for myself is that I remember that life goes on and that there are just some things that are out of my control. Today I will trust! All is aligning in my favor. I am being called to start anew. And I will be gentle with myself.

I have carried enough pain. I have punished myself too often. Not today! On the day of my birth I set new intentions. I call forth more of what I want. More opportunities to connect with and touch the lives of many. I call forth unconditional love and peace for myself and those around me. I call forth patience, understanding and compassion for all that I am and all that I am becoming. I call forth a new home filled with good food, good people, color, love, music, happiness, joy, success,  determination and completion. I call forth an abundance of peace, strength, prosperity and all that I want those who enter my life to experience.

As I begin this day…


I will allow this feeling of peace to wash over me. I will not allow for delays to seem like denials. I am being denied nothing and will receive everything. On my birthday my deepest desire and wish is that the universe know how much I love so many and how deeply I love myself from the most sacred parts of me. What I want for me I want for you.

Thank you creator for this magnificent day…. 26 de julio dia de Anaisa Pye, maferefun Ochun, Santa Ana. Thank you.

Today will be everything and more.

In love and with so much gratitude.

And so it is!
Alicia Anabel



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