Midday meditation ~ Open Letter to Artists


Open letter to artists:


When I think about the greats! I am reminded of how committed they were and are to doing the work.

There is a level of commitment required to achieving greatness. It is about working tirelessly to leave work of meaning and value.

They were not sitting around posting Facebook messages about lack of support or tweeting toxic thoughts and opinions.

They were committed to greatness.

I do not and will not in this lifetime attend  every amazing event an artist is curating, yet I and others should not be judged or crucified publicly for this. You never know what people are dealing with!

Know that I see your greatness, know that I support your work, love you deeply and respect you. I’m raising you up from within.

Continue to do the work and remember it’s not about who shows up that matters… what matters is that you do! 

In love and admiration!
Alicia Anabel Santos


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