Writing Workshop ~ The Male Voice

Welcome to the first Writing With Intention Workshop for Men: “The Male Voice.”

I am incredibly excited about the journey we are about to take together. 

We will explore what inspires you, dig deeper into the stories you were born to write, and gently, yet with intention, tap into sources of creativity you may not have access to. 

The male voice is distinct. The experiences you have are somewhat different from that of womyn. There is a power, confidence and strength that resides with the masculine.

This is what we will be working with: the male voice and writing with intention. 

Thank you for accepting.

I look forward to seeing each of you tomorrow. 

What to bring:

Something to write on and with. 
Please bring samples of your work – completed or works in progress. 
Bring ideas for pieces you would like to complete. 
Bring a list of five themes that are important to you.
Bring nourishment water and snacks… Breaks are limited. 

Mostly bring an openness to the writing process.

We are going to have an amazing day. 


Where: DUB

Da Urban Butterflies
563 West 183rd Street, New York, NY

Time: 2:00pm to 6:00pm please arrive by 1:45am. 

$60 Payment can be made upon arrival. 
Starting on time! No exceptions. 

Until tomorrow!!!

With love and gratitude.



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