The Land Provides

Written, Monday, August 19, 2013 by Alicia Anabel Santos

“The Land Provides!”

The land provides is something that I kept hearing during my Michfest experience. It is exactly a week ago today. Seven days ago that I left “THE LAND.”


The land is located in Michigan, over 650 acres of sacred space created solely for WOMYN!

Just writing that last sentence sends shivers up my spine. That truth feels so powerful, so beautiful, so sacred, and so pure. A land intended for womyn.

Breathe ALICIA…

There is so much that I want to say about the experience and things I don’t want to forget.

First, I could easily call it a Womyn’s Music Festival, but this fact alone would not do it justice.

I could call it a journey, but again something deeper was happening.

I will call it an EXPERIENCE… a spiritual experience.

It is an experience because with experience there is something that is taught and passed down. With experience comes wisdom. With experience comes expansion. With experience comes and opening… a welcoming of the unknown. An experience can completely transform and overwhelm you in the must deliciously beautiful ways.

My first MICHFEST was quite an experience.

These are journal entries of the days on the land:


Day 1: I have arrived to the land and I am excited. Exhausted but incredibly excited. I am praying for NO RAIN where my tent is. It is nice to arrive to the land early… people are incredibly kind and helpful.

Day 2: Monday, MICHFEST 2013, I am feeling a little emotional. I miss Courtney terribly. Last night was hard for me. I was freezing. I was scared. I definitely underprepared for the trip. Next year I will do better. This morning my eleke broke (Prayer beads) something broke… whatever has had me anxious or whatever has been on my mind has been broken. I can be calm. I can trust. I can release all worry.

Day 3: Tuesday, I want to fill my life with NEWNESS! New joy. I want to fill my life with peace. This is what I am feeling today. A tremendous amount of ease and tranquility. Today I slept ten full hours. I felt so warm. There was a moment where I wanted to be home. When I missed my things… I want to fill my life with new things… with new adventures… with new people, with new opportunities… with greater understanding of myself and my life. I want to fill my life with new music. I want to be full. I want to fill my life with new love… with new ways of loving. What I want most is to feel comfortable. I do not want to feel heavy. I don’t want to carry anyone’s shit. I don’t want for anyone to put their shit on me. the weight I carry is not mine… what I want most is to attract an abundance of love, joy, fun, success, music, compassion, fearlessness, more love, a new home, land, travel, flowers and a labyrinth. And so it is.

Day 4: Wednesday, today I am incredibly emotional. I have been carrying so much and I feel as if one by one many things are finally being released from me. I feel a sense of freedom that I have NEVER known. Is this what this land provides? Freedom! The spirits that are here are incredibly powerful. I am in tears. I feel… I’m not sure how to even name all of what I am feeling. I feel myself changing. I feel transformation. I feel a shift happening before it even happens. It’s like feeling your limbs growing, the blood in your heart beating. A new life. A new me. New ways of thinking… moving away from old ways if thinking. Releasing my old ways… stripping them away one at a time. It feels beautiful. I feel beautiful. I feel full. There is something about this land. I am being given something that I didn’t know I needed. And for that I am so incredibly grateful. As I begin this day I will be open to all of the possibilities. I am open to all that I have to learn from the children I meet. For this and for all that you give me I am so very grateful. And so it is. Ache`

And then that was the moment I decided that I would no longer write about MY MICHFEST experience… I decided to live my Michfest experience.

Thursday, August 15th, Good morning day. Today I wake up in my home that I love so much. I am home. This feeling of home. This sense of being. I am back in my space that feels really welcoming and full. Keeping the flow going. It is about progression and attracting that which I most need. I know that the universe is ready to provide… has always provided. So this morning I will spend the day being present in this moment as I re-enter my life after my MICHFEST experience… holding onto the new discoveries and new revelations that have risen. And so it is.

Return to August 19th …

My dear friend Nivea had been speaking to me about Michfest for years and finally I said yes.

This year I had the privilege of attending my first MICHFEST as a festie virgin but also as a worker and workshop facilitator. I had the honor of experiencing Michfest on many levels.

From the inside I watched as incredible womyn built and raised up the land… stages, walls, tents, offices, dining areas… and from the outside I watched over 2000 womyn wait hours before the gates opened excited about returning home…

The moment my dear friend NIVEA CASTRO pulled up to the Michfest gates her first words to me were, “WELCOME HOME!” and from that moment on I would be a changed womyn.


Everything you could possibly need is on the land. Once I was there I realized I needed nothing but to stay open to this incredible experience… city girl camping in the country y’all… what an experience.


The chanting at opening and closing ceremonies…
The energy…
The clearing out…
The power…
The feminine energy…
The music…
The womyn…
The artists…




A song being sung by over 2000 womyn!!!

The movement…
The sacredness…
The spirituality…
The beauty…

All womyn… on their feet singing together, loving one another… different races, cultures, traditions, ages, backgrounds and countries… standing together with all of our differences as one!

This was MY MICHFEST experience!

I could taste the love in the air… feel it in the butterfly that flew by me on a daily basis.

So for this experience and with so much love and gratitude I thank Lisa Vogel. This incredible amazon warrior womyn who founded and has nurtured a space and held it for womyn for over 38 years. I am in awe of her. I watched as she looked out at the audience every day starting with opening night. I watched as her eyes filled with tears as she looked out at us. I could feel her hugging me with her eyes. I could feel all the love she has for us, her sisters, her friends, her daughters… her family. THANK YOU LV!

If I could summarize MICHFEST in seven words it would be:


I am tempted to write more…

To share more…

To give more… of my experience… but I will stop here.

You must experience it for yourself.

Michfest is my new home…

Next year I hope to see many of my sisters on this sacred land.

Thank you to all the womyn that I had the honor of communing and sharing sacred space with while the land provided!


And to my beloved Nivea Castro. Thank you for encouraging me to just say yes. I am so glad I did. Thank you thank you thank you. I love you.

See you August 2014!

And so it is~

More photos to follow. …

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2 thoughts on “The Land Provides

  1. GREAT post, in all the ways that GREAT can be implied and applied! I’ve always been a big proponent of the FACT that the land does indeed provide. As long as we respect the land, the power of nature and embrace our ability to be “one” with it – it will always be there for us. I live off the land as much as possible when I’m traversing mountain trails, crossing/paddling rivers or pitching up my campsite in the most remote areas of the back country that I can find. It sounds like you found your annual pilgrimage Alicia . . . perhaps one of many!


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