Meditation ~ Releasing all fear


Meditation ~ Releasing all fear…

I can stay distracted or push MYSELF?

So its gone…..

A journal I have been writing in since August. Stories and journal entries gone. Keynote address draft-gone. Short stories-gone. Poetry-gone. I can spend the day frantically retracing my steps to every store, hospital, train, hotel, restaurant and pharmacy I entered last week….


I can breathe.
I can see the blessing in this.
I can push myself and re-write my speech.
I can move forward anyway.

This may even be my best writing yet.

Today I will know that nothing can stop me.

I affirm that some delays are not denials.

I affirm that I have everything that I need.

Today I will remember that there is nothing I can’t do once I remember that fear creeps in to keep me from having and achieving all that I desire and deserve.

Today is going to be an amazing day.

And so it is!!!!

Alicia Anabel Santos


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