Getting Beneath the Surface ~ Last round of workshops

For two years I have been working with writers on getting their story onto the page, becoming vulnerable, writing with intention and writing from the womb. We have covered the rituals of writing, and I have had the privilege of providing a space where men can explore their own stories without fear of judgment.

Today I am meditating on . . . moving the story forward. Now that we have covered the basics how do we continue to build?

Moving the story forward and getting beneath the surface is this rounds focus. This is the goal I am setting for us as we close out 2013 and just in time for NANOWRIMO: National Novel Writing Month!

Getting beneath the surface requires openness, a tremendous amount of trust
and vulnerability towards what rises. What lies beneath the surface isn’t always pretty but there is something beautiful to be found in the discoveries. Getting beneath the surface can be scary . . . there are moments we may become too afraid to dig further because we don’t want to get dirty. Yes . . . Things will rise but it will not destroy us.

What if digging deep and really getting underneath the surface can save us and others along the way?

We will spend the next six weeks listening to our characters, building scene by scene
and discovering the significance of POV.

1. Who is telling the story?
2. What is the story about?
3. Why should we care?
4. How does it end?

Are you pushing yourself?
Are you allowing the story to unfold?
Are you surrendering to the process?
Are you pushing past the blocks that show up?
Are you fully committed?

Would you like a loving and gentle guide to aid you in getting there?

Here is what writers are saying about the Writing with Intention ~ The Male Voice Workshop:

“From the moment I walked through that doorway I felt I had entered a safe place. Although I’m always prepared to shake hands and move on, nothing beats a warm hug and a quick kiss on the cheek that to me says “Estas en casa” more clearly than the actual words ever could. Any remnants of anxiety dissolved after reading our first exercises out loud, so I thank you for not just your approach to your amazing exercises but your sensitivity to the participants as well. Your writing workshop for men was a fantastic experience for someone like me who does not consider himself a writer but really enjoys writing. It was both a pleasure and an honor to have been part of your first men’s writing group, and I do look forward to doing it again.”

What writers are saying about the Writing from the Womb experience:

“Alicia is a writing . . . SEER! A gentle guide. . . She pushes us to go forward. There is something about her prompts and questioning. She really has an ear. Somehow she finds the place where we are not exposing ourselves so that we can say more.”

“She is very humble, soft and nurturing. She focuses on the story be it poetry, memoir or fiction. Alicia makes it very inviting, very safe and she allows me to trust her?”

Available workshops ~ please note date registration closes.

(1) FREE ~ Writing Beneath the Surface
Date: Wednesday, October 30th @ 8:00pm – 10:00pm
Cost: Free workshop (dial in number will be provided) last day to register 10/29

(2) Writing from the Womb (read more)
Dates: Nov. 3, 10, 17 and Dec. 1, 8, 15
Regularly $360.00 – SPECIAL OFFER $210.00 (6 week program)
Location: New York and via teleconference
Last day to register November 2nd ~ payment will be accepted at the first session.

(3) Writing with Intention ~ The Male Voice (read more)
Dates: Nov. 2, 9, 16, 30 and Dec. 7, 14
Regularly $360.00 – SPECIAL OFFER $210.00 (6 week program)
Location: New York and via teleconference
Last day to register November 1st ~ payment will be accepted at the first session.

(4) 1 on 1 Writing Sessions – by appointment – Cost: $50.00 (read more)

(5) Becoming Vulnerable ~ 30 days of guiding writing * (read more)
Date: November 1 – 30th
Via teleconference
Cost: $90.00 – special rate $30.00
Last day to register October 31st ~ payment will be accepted at the first session.

To register for a workshop:

Subject: (title of workshop)
Your name:
Your email:

At the end of both six week workshops not only will writers have the beginnings of a manuscript, emerging writers will be provided with an opportunity to showcase their work at a special event in their honor!!!

2013 is quickly coming to an end and some of us are aching to begin. Let’s begin together by getting beneath the surface!

To read about THE WRITING COACH!

With love,

Copyright © 2013 by Alicia Anabel Santos


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