Writing as a Meditation ~ Day 22

My past has given me… my past has given me material to write… my past has prepared me for battle… my past has blessed me more than I will ever really know… my past is the very reason why I strive the way I do… my past has given me an arsenal to go up against my enemies and recognize who is in my corner… my past has tested me and challenged me… my past is why I have never stopped dreaming… I write my past so that my daughter has a road map… not her road map… but a road map back to me… My dreams came true because of my hard work yes… but my dreams have come true because of Courtney… and today I am so grateful… my past gave me access to my soul. – cont. reading –

Alicia Anabel Santos

October 22nd“The past is always tense, the future perfect.” ― Zadie Smith

As I wake up this morning I am feeling exhausted but accomplished. Today I will be delivering a keynote at Hofstra University about pressures, family expectations, hopes and dreams… failure and perseverance… there is so much I am feeling. I am proud of this work that I do. It is important that we recognize and acknowledge and celebrate the good works we put out into the world.

How incredibly blessed am I? As I begin this morning I am calling forth energy… I am looking forward to speaking with the students and staff who have read my memoir. I feel strong! I feel ready! I feel really grounded in myself today. There is a focus and confidence I am walking with today that makes this pep in my step feel firm… prepared.

I am thinking about…

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