Lesson in Kindness

We could all use a lesson in kindness…

I recently met a woman who  emanates the epitome of kindness.

She gives expecting nothing…
She shares her resources freely… withholding nothing…

She connects with you and makes you feel important and special…

She’s generous with her time, ideas, and advice…

She walks with grace…

She is love… and gives love to all she meets…

This is what the world, we, all of us could use a little more of… kindness…

May you be filled with kindness and give of yourself to everyone you encounter. 



One thought on “Lesson in Kindness

  1. This is truth. I try to be kind as much as I can. But please in my moments of uncertainty please don’t judge me 🙂 Be mindful for what you do, for some that will be the last thing they remember.


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