Day 207 ~ When you allow yourself to receive…

This weekend was everything I needed. It was an emotional weekend. Goodbyes usually are. I had the honor of writing this weekend with a group of amazing women.

It was a lovely weekend filled with tears, hugs, love and laughter. A beautiful shared moment before I embark on my quest that I will always remember.

I allowed myself to receive…

When you are someone like me who gives of her soul, her time, and her resources, sometimes it’s hard to receive… its hard to accept what others want to give to you.

I received so much this weekend. So many gifts…

Every woman gave me something amazing. They gave their words, gifted me books, sunflowers, love, hugs and poetry written in honor of me.

I cried so much.
I feel so full.
There was so much love surrounding me.

The women thanked me for all I’ve given and I in turn received all they gifted me.

It means so much to me to be able to provide space for women, to nurture women spaces, to lift and encourage them. It is an honor to be a writing midwife.

This weekend seventeen women held me up! They each gave of their gifts… Each of them healers… All of them writers.

They all blessed me.
Blessed me with words to take on my journey to Cuba.
They shared their beautiful intentions and prayers and I will be forever grateful.

Two more weeks and I am gone… if you would like to support my campaign that would be beautiful. Your love and intentions are also graciously accepted.

I am so grateful I got to hold each and everyone of them… I will miss hugging and being embraced. But I know you all got me!

Please share.



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