Day 7: Stopping at the Trans Mongolian Junction #transsiberianwriters #woctakerussia

We are so tempted to just take the train through Mongolia and head to China. We have heard so many beautiful things about the train ride. The Trans-Mongolian Railway follows an ancient tea-caravan route from China to Russia. Sounds lovely but we've decided to stay put and continue to ulan ude. How do you deal… Continue reading Day 7: Stopping at the Trans Mongolian Junction #transsiberianwriters #woctakerussia

Day 6: Inside the Kazan Cathedral #transsiberianwriters #writingchallenge #woctakerussia

Dubroye utro, good morning everyone. This journey has been completely breathtaking. From the architecture to the history and the stunning landscapes. It has been challenging to get focused writing done because people always want to know what you're working on, and what you've written, but these are also the moments that make traveling so incredible… Continue reading Day 6: Inside the Kazan Cathedral #transsiberianwriters #writingchallenge #woctakerussia

Day 5: Passing through Khabarovsk #transsiberianwriters #woctakerussia #writingchallenge

We stopped at the Khabarovsk train stop today. There are so many smokers. I miss smoking. Smoking was part of my social etiquette. Glass of wine--cigarette. Cup of coffee--cigarette. After a great lovemaking session--cigarette. Folks seem mad stressed as they pull on that cigarette like it's the last breath they will ever take. Yeah I… Continue reading Day 5: Passing through Khabarovsk #transsiberianwriters #woctakerussia #writingchallenge

Day 4: Boarding the Train #transsiberianwriters#writingchallenge

Our train departed at 13:10. It was a little stressful this morning. It's not easy organizing a large group of writers. Some folks were running behind schedule and we almost missed our train. It's not easy catching another train because the schedules run odd days. But we made it. Just wanted to drop a quick… Continue reading Day 4: Boarding the Train #transsiberianwriters#writingchallenge

Journal entry ~ Day 2 #transsiberianwriters #woctakerussia

Saturday, June 10th Dear Courtney, I don't know whether to say good morning or evening to you. When you wake up I will definitely be in bed--out cold. You would love Vladivostok it's near the water. The hotel is cute, it's kind of a boutique. I wanted us to be comfortable when we landed. Today… Continue reading Journal entry ~ Day 2 #transsiberianwriters #woctakerussia

Day 3: A Seaport City

Definitely feeling jet lagged. I just woke up and it's almost noon in Russia---its Sunday---its still Saturday in New York. Today is a complete blur and tomorrow our adventure. Let's get our writing done and then it's a complete rest day. to my sisters and brothers... Have a beautiful #PuertoRicanDayParade Today's C2C and prompts: 1.… Continue reading Day 3: A Seaport City

Day 2: Arrived to Vladivostok #21daywritingchallenge #transsiberianwriters

We just landed, went through immigration what a journey that was... more about that In my letter to you later. We are waiting for our luggage and then from here we head to our hotel. We are staying at the Hotel Zhemchuzhina. Once we rest, freshen up and do our writing for the day we… Continue reading Day 2: Arrived to Vladivostok #21daywritingchallenge #transsiberianwriters

Prompt 1: Heading to Russia

Dear Courtney, I'm sitting at the airport thinking about you and remembering certain moments of our life together. Your deepest desire for me has always been that I complete a book. That's the thing that you have always wanted most for me as a writer, that I finish something. I'm finally doing it. 2017 is… Continue reading Prompt 1: Heading to Russia

DAY 1 ~ Welcome and Departure! #transsiberianwriters #21daywritingchallenge

Good morning writers! Welcome to Day 1 of the 21 Day Writing Challenge: Writing on the #transsiberian @TranssibRail Today we begin. I am so happy to have a such a large group of writers joining. For 21 Days we will be writing together, but the real commitment is the one we are making to our… Continue reading DAY 1 ~ Welcome and Departure! #transsiberianwriters #21daywritingchallenge